About Us

Twinzo started as a project under the wings of its mother company INFOTECH s.r.o. in 2014. Originally the focus was on indoor positioning technology. 

Through collaboration with our first customers, we have created more and more solutions for everyday problems in manufacturing and focused more on the 3D visualization aspect. In 2019 this effort resulted in twinzo - a 3D live digital twin, that runs on any device.

Along the way, we have won several competitions, especially the Microsoft award 2017 and 2019.


INFOTECH establishment

Infotech has been established as a bespoke software house.


Start of RTLS project

Creation of a new department to create the first product focused on indoor location.

First pilots

The first pilots for the technology were in the manufacturing and hospitality field. Manufacturing proved to be the best fit.

First customer

Whirlpool corporation became the first paying customer of our technology.

Twinzo is born

Product rebranding and increased focus on 3D live digital twin as a platform.

Going public!

Following our main purpose, to make expert systems accessible for almost anyone, our digital twin platform became publicly accessible for almost any smartphone.

5.0 Technologies

Driving digital twin trends, twinzo even accelerated its journey as an independent business.

Our values


We are creating a new market and new way of how people look up, access, and interact with complex information around them.  We are building a new type of Operating system, an operating system of reality that can be used not only in manufacturing but in Healthcare, hospitality, home automation, security, and a multitude of industrial applications.

Values and Culture

Our core value is humanity.
The main goal of the company should be the well-being of its employees. This is achieved by providing excellent value to customers and scalability of products provided. We are empowering people to self-growth and are helping people to be the best versions of themselves. Not only professionally but also as humans. We are leading by example and encourage people to improve both mentally and physically.

We have a strong culture built around decades of experience, that supports teamwork and autonomy. We believe that people are capable of making good decisions and should be encouraged to express their opinions freely. We are a very feedback-driven company, where feedback is not only listened to but is also immediately worked into daily lives, and it works both ways, employees to management and vice versa.

The Team

Michal Ukropec, CEO

Entrepreneurial mind with over 20 years of experience in technology innovations and consulting with a proven track record of successfully transforming and profitably taking businesses into the digital age.

Lubomira Bosanska, COO

Strong skill set in strategic planning and a multifaceted talent, enabling her to adapt to different tasks and solve a range of issues. She previously held a variety of executive roles in the private and public sectors. 

Patrik Pasko, CTO

Programming expert and a practiced troubleshooter with an in-depth technical 9-year experience. Responsible for 24/7 logistic system flow of multiple factories across the world.

Tomas Vojtek, CSO

Serial entrepreneur and generalist, with over 10 years of experience in the development of products, from an idea over product to the company.

Michal Celeng, Chief MacGyver Officer

Started as the first programmer on an RTLS project in 2014, now exploring his passion to work with people and create an outstanding product while bringing value to customers. 

Jiri Zila, Head of Sales

Successful salesman and service provider in areas, where new markets had to be created. An innovator with 30 years of sales experience.