What is industrial metaverse?

There are many complicated explanations of what is the metaverse and that it is the future that will come in 10 years. 

Truth is, that metaverse is already here, at least in parts. Because #metaverse is just interconnected, real-time digital twins, exactly like we do in @twinzo.

So building blocks of metaverse are available and already affordable, which is proved by companies in CEE that already operate such digital twins.

Unfortunately, there are still 2 key aspects that are missing to have a metaverse available like in sci-fi:

1.     Scale 

There is still only a handful of corporations that are spending money on building real-time digital twins. And even they are doing it way too slow.

2.     Hardware

Hardware for immersive experience is still too early-stage and too expensive. Even though we have mobile devices that can run metaverse and live digital twins, Sci-fi is pushing our experience to Jarvis like Augmented reality with smart contact lenses and brain-connected virtual reality for this immersive experience.

I think, that people and companies like to connect those two points and are stuck in the waiting game, no hardware can do these Sci-fi things from Iron Man, so they just sit and wait. That reduces the possible scale we can achieve today, and that reduces the investment into the development of hardware…

Until we break this cycle and look at metaverse as what it really is, start interacting and using it for advancement today through our mobile devices now. We won’t fuel further advancements and especially we in the industrial sector leave the development of metaverse to companies whose only goal is to sell you a blue virtual T-shirt for your avatar, for the price of a real one.

Digital twins and metaverse are here, there are technologies available today for every company and at prices that return on investment will work in most countries.

The only thing that is required is to have the balls and start exploring this opportunity.


Automatic ordering system as an integral part of Digital twin
Automatic ordering system as an integral part of Digital twin