3D Navigation with Digital Twin

Navigation in Shopping Malls

Have you ever had difficulties finding a store, point of interest, or spot where you left your car? Then twinzo indoor navigation is the right solution for you.

Our 3D turn-by-turn navigation helps you find the shortest way. Thanks to the photorealistic 3D models you will always find what you are looking for.

Our navigation solution is available for Android, iOS, and Windows (Kiosks).

Direction to Shops

Get always the shortest way.

Find my car

No need to search for your car anymore, its only one click away.

Multi-level navigation

Doesn't matter whether the shop is on a different level, we'll navigate you through elevators, escalators or stairs.

Point of Interest

Looking for a toilet, children playground, lockers or anything else it all there.

Shopping malls can be confusing. While there are a lot of ways to make them easier to navigate, most shopping centers don’t use them. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best wayfinding techniques and explain why they would benefit shoppers and mall owners alike.

Twizo 3D digital twin platform is a powerful solution that provides reliable customer data and insights in real-time. It integrates with existing systems and combines them with twinzo exclusive indoor localization and collects data from significant sources, such as mobile phones, beacons and sensors. The platform then processes the data using machine learning algorithms to identify shoppers’ behavior patterns and preferences over time.

The solution also provides navigation guidance for mall shoppers by building a precise plan based on people’s locations within the mall. This helps them find items they want or need quickly without having to spend time searching for them in different areas of the mall.