Automated Ordering System

Warehouse management system supported by digital twin

At Whirlpool EMEA's Italian plant, we have implemented an innovative internal logistics analysis system combining the latest Industry 4.0 technologies into a complete solution on top of a digital twin. This installation is a continuation of the global logistics strategy of the entire Whirlpool Group.

Thanks to analytical tools like spaghetti charts, heatmaps, and saturation analysis it’s possible to find bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and other losses in the logistics.

And the automated ordering system (AOS)? It’s the next logical step - to know what’s going on is fine, but in the end, the logistics needs to be managed. It allows avoiding patrolling, lowers micro-stopages in the production, and now it’s also possible to decrease the maximum allowed forklift speed. At lower risks, higher performance. All of that under the roof of a digital twin.

UBER style management for the internal logistics​.

Order system for material to production​.

A simple yet effective way to fully organize, manage and control the flow of internal logistics.

Simple & Fast rollout to speed up implementations.

Pay-per-Device to optimize costs and expenses.

Autonomous system ready to integrate without disruption.

Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, or 5G connectivity​ ready for any environment.

2-way communication to connect operators with managers.

Plug-and-Play installation for user-friendly usage. 


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