Material Tracking

How can twinzo digital twin be used to get rid of invetories and solve the biggest AMR/AGV problem

Our clients tend to implement the newest technology concepts like artificial intelligence used for real-time location services (RTLS) in a live 3D Digital Twin. AI-based rack management will allow managing FIFO without the operator’s input.

One of the biggest strengths of twinzo - digital twin is the ability to recreate the reality of the space in digital based on multiple available data sources. As you can see in the video, the digital twin can combine information from RFID technology for stock identification (or can take material identification from eKanban system used to pick the material), positioning systems used to track forklifts or AGVs/AMRs, AI camera vision to detect and enhance the position of the material in a monitored area. With this combination, it holds real-time information about the area and especially what is exactly where. What position is currently occupied and with what material?


Digital Twin for smart office
Digital twin of office connected to building data.