Real time localization with Digital Twin

Unify localization services within other data sources using Twinzo digital twin platform.

Digital Twins can make a crucial difference to the smooth running of a business. They have become an important component of many industries. On top of it with a successful RTLS integration, it can be leveraged for multiple purposes throughout the entire facility, having a wide-ranging, positive impact on operations.

Just like the orchestra has many different instruments, it needs a conductor to bring them all into harmony and maximum efficiency. Having all your different security sources combined under one roof is a real blessing.

Enter with twinzo the 21st Century and experience the future presented only in movies right now in real life.

3D model

Digital twin from BIM, CAD, LIDAR, photogrammetry, and other sources.


Identification of the best suitable RTLS technology combination.


Installation of the whole plant starting from 2 days.


View RTLS data from your facility smartphone in the real-time.

Internal logistics is just like the circulatory system of the body. It is not considered to be a vital organ of the structure like the heart or lungs, but if it shuts down–everything shuts down. That’s why it is so important. And just like the circulatory system, the internal logistics can work for you, or against you. Its effectiveness can be boosted with very little input and the outcome and benefits are incredible because it affects every part of manufacturing.



Spaghetti charts and heatmaps

Play movement history of your inventory through time periods.

Data analytis

Analyze equipment movement, occupancy heatmaps, movement saturation with customized reports.

Automatized patrolling

Detect no-go areas violation, occupancy, bottlenecks and others.

Knowing where your security personnel or confident asset is located can make the difference between a problem and a solution. Knowing in real-time where they are is just the beginning. To be able to reach out to them instantly and send them with one click the position of a possible threat is the main advantage of twinzo.


  • Internal Logistics patrolling elimination.

  • Load carrier and cargo tracking.

  • Management of tugger trains, forklifts, trucks, and many more.

  • Logistics audit time from 16h to 2,5h.

  • Productivity raised by 20%.

  • Health & Safety raise.

  • Fleet Effectivity & Productivity maximization.

  • Seamless and fast installation, without interruption of the ongoing production.


  • Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Security Guards.

  • Coordination of Security Forces.

  • Automated Workflow.

  • Management for Security Personnel.

  • Tracking Visitors.

  • Mobile Access.

  • Control System for Office Buildings.

  • Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences.

Another great way to improve the visitor experience is to track his or her inpatient journey, from admission to discharge. The provided real-time data enables us to identify, for example, how much time visitors spend in waiting areas, how long they stay in halls or rooms, and where else they spend time during their facility stay. This gives staff a better insight and allows taking measures to act on pain points that can be identified using the data.


  • Finding your way through a complex facility.

  • Search for points of interest(e.g. sanitation, catering facilities, patient rooms, treatment rooms).

  • Critical equipment can be found whenever necessary.

  • Track assets like wheelchairs, x-rays, and hospital beds, which are moved across departments.

  • Efficient bed management.


  • Workplace Occupancy Sensing.

  • Management of Conference Rooms.

  • Automated Workflow Management.

  • Management and Analysis of Cleaning Services.

  • Inventory Management.

  • Evacuation of Employees and Visitors.

Twinzo's focus is on the integration of all data existing and providing them in a user-friendly way to enhance insights and overview of various expert systems. Fulfilling this purpose, our digital twin platform is open to any technology. This solution allows us to combine various localization sources under one roof, enhancing the usability of each technology in the field it is designed to be applied.

For example, assets can be equipped with GPS for tracking movement across facilities. Using BLE technology(twinzo, Quuppa...) we are able to track the asset when it is located inside of the facility, even through floors where GPS is not sufficient enough.  In the same facility, another set of tracked devices, equipped with RFID, can be used for high precision to identify the exact warehouse position.