Smart City - engineering network governance

We know what you're thinking: "How can I make my city smarter?"

Well, we've got an answer for you: twinzo.

twinzo is a #digitaltwin platform that allows cities to optimize their #engineering #network #governance and create a new way for citizens to interact with the #smartcity.


With this platform, you can view everything from subterranean levels to metro tunnels from anywhere in your city. This means that no matter where you are, or what time it is—even if it's 3AM—you'll be able to see exactly where there are issues with your wiring or pipelines and get them fixed by nearby personnel technicians using our smart navigation system.

And because twinzo works on your #smartphone or #VR headset (we give you support for both!), everyone can benefit from this type of #technology without having to spend extra money on expensive equipment like tablets or laptops. This makes it easy for everyone from kids all the way up through senior citizens alike!

Twinzo is an #engineering network governance #system that works with our platform to bring you an intuitive #UI. It helps overcome technological barriers brought by all your #IoT devices and infrastructure.

Digital Twin Time-lapse
From past to future with the digital twin.