System monitoring

Digital twin integration enhances reactive data collection tools and converts them to proactive elements of your infrastructure.

Although our age is a digital one, in the end, we still need the real-world materials, tools, and buildings we work and live within. It doesn’t matter if it is a package, machine, factory, or office building, to have all the information at the reach of your fingertips, helps you control your facility in a way, you have not dreamed of before.


Using twinzo API, middleware and standardized connection tools to get your data under one roof.


Give context to your data using points of interest, assets, or personnel inside of your 3D digital twin.


Gain insights over your data from multiple systems in the scope of space, time, and context.


Real-time notifications about events, thresholds, and incidents directly to your smartphone.

Using twinzo digital twin, even responsible non-technical managers can view the information in a readable user-friendly way everywhere on the go just by one click. We are breaking barriers between the engineering and management world, which brings decision-makers a big picture overview in real-time.

The Big Picture

The big picture is where it gets interesting. You can now literally have all of your facilities always under control using only your mobile phone, tablet, or PC in the same way. Our digital twin platform offers you a holistic view of all the indicators you choose and makes them available in real-time and 3D any time and from anywhere. Can you imagine?

Various expert systems or IoT sensors already are equipped with reporting tools, allowing engineers to gain insights about their sensors and running real-world infrastructure status. However, most of them are accessible only on specific devices and configurations or provide data from a specific set of indicators only. Standard data collection systems are made by engineers for engineers. On the other hand, twinzo is built on top of users' requests for users' needs. We are bringing user experience standards from modern IT solutions to the engineering world, allowing also non-technical users to gain insights about their facility status.


Set of integration tools, middleware, services and accessible API to connect all IoT data you desire to have under the control.


Infrastructure neutrality allowing to deploy solution to any environments(SaaS, cloud, on-premise, local or public networks)


On-premise or cloud installations fully adaptable for enterprise customer IT department security policy requirements. 


Receive notifications directly to your smartphone. In current days, we have access to all of our banking systems, brokers, healthcare insurance, and many more everywhere, on the go.

Twinzo digital twin brings the same experience with your infrastructure and IoT systems. Middle and higher management are often responsible for 24/7 system uptime. Twinzo is an ultimate tool to achieve full control over crucial assets.

System monitoring

Automatize system patrolling by custom conditions setting.


Monitor thresholds, plans fulfillment, or machine status.


Know which of your machines is online, identify malfunction and position with just one click.


Monitor no-go areas, overcrowding, or get to know about material incoming.

Communication module

Autonomous dispatching system watching your infrastructure and keeping you informed immediately.


Get notified about events just in time.


Get to know where and when any type of event occurred.


Integrate other system modules, or automatize 3rd party system instructions using twinzo notifications.

Real time localization with Digital Twin
Unify localization services within other data sources using Twinzo digital twin platform.