twinzo - Digital Twin platform

Digital Twin for Everyone On your Phone On the Go

An exact 3D Live Digital Twin of your facility. Whether your house, office, factory, or even a whole city (perhaps a space station?). It enables you to have your 3D model on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac and gives you access to all the data you desired to see and monitor in real-time.

You can monitor any type of IoT Sensor, database and data stream, process, or workflow, up to real-time visualization of any kind of tracking and monitoring technology. You are always only one click away from the perfect overview you always desired.


your facility directly from your phone.


simulations with hard data and vice versa


data in real-time and 3D


predictions and simulations 


in contextual meaning

You can upload the 3D model of your facility and visualize your real-time and historical data sources. Twinzo digital twin platform gives you the perfect overlook and can even serve as a remote control. Have access to your real-time data from your smartphone and enjoy the intuitive 3D interface.

In order Twinzo users to have a truly comprehensive overview of what is happening in the factory, we decided in the next phase to connect the RTLS system to the so-called digital twin. This combines several key systems into one digital model and allows the factory management to see the entire plant online. 

In a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the manager can easily see where the individual trucks, assets, and tools are currently located, whether the lines are producing according to plan, what the energy consumption is or whether all operators are properly trained for the given job positions. At the same time, they have an overview of whether employees or assets are, where they are scheduled to be or whether they are in another location, which may indicate an exceptional event or technical problem. 



for optimization and automatic delivery management.


for real-time updates for smart warehouse.


for every assembly line and every system for quick decision-making.


for threat recognition and emergency response.


for reduction of response time rate at minimal costs.


for facility management, effective & timely response and employee wellbeing


for detailed data analysis


for connectivity and all Internet of Things connected devices.


for positioning (people, material, equipment) and navigation for external suppliers.


e.g., MES / WMS / SAP / ERP / PLC / HSE.


Smart City - engineering network governance