TCS (Truck Calling System) is system used for the trucks / vehicles entering to the plant. It is extension of AOS (Automatic Ordering System).

This system consists of “Calendar Scheduler” in TCS in the tAnalytics, devices for truck drivers with tConnect app and devices for forklifts with tConnect app. tConnect apps for truck drivers and forklifts have different settings (different display screens).

How does system work?

There is a simple example, how the system works.

Operator insert the transport schedule into Transport (tAnalytics -> TCS -> Transports). When the time of arrival of the transport arrives, truck driver come on the gatehouse and register himself. Truck driver get device (phone) and go back to the truck. System creates task in AOS for forklift drivers. When forklift driver accept task, truck drivers is notified and can enter into the plant. Then truck come to gate and wait while forklift loading/unloading truck. When truck driver goes into the not allowed zones, the supervisor will be notified. After finishing loading / unloading the truck driver get information that process is finished and truck driver can go back to main gatehouse and return phone.

TCS as extension of AOS 

For proper operation of TCS is necessary to set up TCS part in AOS system. The figure 1 describes simple option for running TCS. There are 2 nodes which communicate together according to arrow on the image. In shown case, left node sends orders to right node (Gate Keeper sends order for tablet on forklift).

Figure 1: Simple nodes settings

Node 1 (Porter)

Node 1 is node, which creates orders for forklifts drivers. Node adjust according the figure 2 below. In settings select work role Porter. In a member tab you can select which member can work with this node. In TCS case select user which will registered trucks (in our case user Gate Keeper).  

Also select auto send and Auto item selection. It means, that order will be created and joined with item automatically. Also we need to create new item (Truck) and add it into the Packages.

From Operations select Order and Send, because Porter will create and send orders for forklift drivers.

From Packages select Package which you create. It means, that order which appears on the tablet will shown this item.

It is very important ot set up node according to above instruction, otherwise ysystem will not work properly. 

Figure 2: Node 1 (Porter)

Node 2 (Forklift line 01)

Node 2 is node which contains devices which receive orders from node 1. Select work role and members for this node.

Select correct operations which forklift driver can provide.

From packages select package which forklift can work with. 

Figure 3: Node 2 (Forklift line 01)

For more information how to set up and work with Work role, members, items and packages, Attributes and operations look at the AOS manual. More informations about tViewer app (app for truck drivers) are available in tConnect manual. 

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