Public REST API endpoint. API Keys are for third-party software systems to authorize in the twinzo Reporting.

Registered clients can integrate 3rd party data sources via standard REST API endpoint. There is also SDK for .NET 5 developers covering whole API functionality.
API url:{version_number}
Swagger definition:  *please choose version no.3 

LTS API Version: 3.0

Timestamping data
System is using unix time stamp in milliseconds to identify timestamp of records.

Each Branch has own time-zone and records should be send to server in the GMT adjusted according to specific time-zone of client device.

You can setup authorization per device using login and password combination. Other way is to generate static API key and send data in the name of multiple devices

Device oAuth
Authorization per device via oAuth tokens. In this scenario, you will be able to send localization data per single RTLS device. Login and password credentials need to be added in the device edit form described in previous chapters.

You will send an authentication request with credentials and client name.



With a successful request, you will receive Token with expiration date. Every request on authorized API functions must be signed with active Token. Every token has expiration, but can be refreshed with dedicated method.


Static Token
You can generate a static token and sign every request with this same server key. This scenario is less secure and recommended only to use for server-to-server communication. If 3rd party system is sending data from distributed devices, it is strongly recommended to not use static tokens for client devices.

Static token now can sign every authorized request to API, the same way as user tokens do.

Signing requests
Each authorized request must be signed with proper token. Tokens are included to requests via specific HTTP Header values. In the case of invalid token, server will send response with proper HTTP error code.

To identify proper client, headers must also include Client and Branch guid key. You can find Branch guid in the list of branches in Places section. Client guid is obtained via registration by your twinzo support contact.