This chapter contains information about Areas and instruction how to set up Areas. Start by defining terms:


Area  - Area is the part of the layout with specific settings. Areas are mostly used for showing sensors data and for NO GO zones.

Layer – Layer allows to group more Areas into one group.


Go to Places -> Areas in the left upper corner select sector and layer. In case you don’t have layer or you want to use another layer, create layer with click on the Show Layers (image  ) and create new layer by click on the  button. Fill in the form which contain:

  • Name – name of this layer,

  • Visible in the app – select, if you want to see this layer in the tViewer app,

  • Localization enabled – select, if you want to allow localization in that layer,

  • NoGo Devices – select devices, which haven’t permission enter inside the layer.

Figure 1: Layer creation

After create layer you can click on the image icon with description Change Icon and set any icon from predefined. 

Figure 2: Change icon