Device per shift provides information in line chart with OEE (Activity). This output is for specific settings which you can set in the control panel.

In the top of the screen is the well-known control panel. We select Devices, Day, Shifts and Granularity. Also we can set period of time on the right site of control panel. Maximum range is three week. In this case value “Day” is not exact day, but day in the week. For instance: when we select Monday and period of time 3 weeks, we will see outputs for every Monday during this 3 weeks.

In the main screen is line chart. On the horizontal axis is Time and on the vertical axis is OEE (Activity) in %. Above the chart is legend with colourful marks which represent selected devices in singles days. There is also Total Average value in single days.

 Figure 1: Chart legend

Chart´s lines show OEE (Activity) in percentage according to granularity. When no data are shown, it means, that there are no available data.

 Figure 2: Device per shift

After overlap line with mouse, system shows name of the analysed device, date and exact time information (from – to) with activity in selected granularity. 

Figure 3: Device per shift detail

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