Devices for RTLS are usually common Android mobile phones / tablets. This device serves for collecting localization data, calculating position (depends on configuration) and sending data to the server.  

Instructions about how to install app into the Android device you can find in Install Android Devices chapter (tConnect course).
You have two options how to add a device. The first option is to register a device (mostly used for RTLS) or you can add a device (mostly used for website AOS).

Register device

In menu Devices click on Register device. After appearing of new windows, click on Register device, and system generates QR code. Scan this QR code on the device. After registration close window with QR code. New device was registered into your branch. 

WARNING 1: Pay attention for internet connection of device before starting with registration process. Without internet connection registration process will fail.

Figure 1: Device registration

 Figure 2: Registration QR Code in tViewer app

Edit devices

In menu Devices, you can modify devices settings.

Figure 3: Edit bar
  • Edit device

    • Title - name of the device (will be visible in another app)

    • MAC Address - MAC address of the device

    • Note

    • Version - app version on device

    • Type - device type (moving model of device in tViewer app)

    • Acound information - don't change this infromation. This information was created during registration. 

Figure 4: Edit animation