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Man Down module is a real-time emergency assistant. In any case of emergency, it will automatically start an emergency sequence with high pitch sound alarm and it will send position data to the real-time tViewer application, so you can get quick medical care. In this step-by-step manual we will describe how the application looks, works and how to eliminate any problems with the application.

Before we start working with Man Down module, you should firstly read the RTLS manual, where the work and installation of the application is described. After you know, how the RTLS app works you can easily set up Man Down module.

How the Man Down looks

This is the first screen that shows your configuration is loading. Configuration is a process which means that you are connecting to the right branch.

If everything is prepared and the application is successfully installed and the configuration process has ended, the main screen of the app should look like this.

Accidental emergency/Not emergency

In any case of emergency, the fall detector will be activated and you will hear a high pitch sound. On the screen of the device there will be shown 10 second countdown, which signalize that something happened. You will see this screen:

If the alarm was set by mistake, just press the “I´M OKAY” button and the alarm will be set off after few seconds.
The screen of your device will look like this:

After few seconds it will return to the main screen of the application and you will see the well-known screen.

Real emergency/I need help

If something bad has happened and you need help, there are two possible outcomes how the supervisors will be notified, that you had an accident.
The first scenario is automatic. The application will detect a
fall down/injury and it will send a direct notification to the supervisors, which can real-time locate you in the area.
The second scenario is manual, and can be used if the fall detector did not record a fall/injury.
We will describe each scenario step-by-step with some screenshots.

First scenario (automatic):

Something bad happened and you are injured. The device you have, has detected a fall down or a quick unnatural movement. This means it initiated a sound alarm sequence where your device screen looks like this:

This sound is easy to hear and your colleagues will hear, that something bad happened. After 10 seconds the system will automatically send an emergency call to the tViewer app, where your supervisors will see your position and that you are calling for help. This is an automatic procedure so you do not have to press any buttons. Do not worry, in this time, help is on the way. Your screen will look like this:

Second scenario (manual):

Something bad happened and you are injured. The device you have, has not detected a fall down or a quick unnatural movement, so the alarm did not start. If you need help as soon as possible, there is a quick solution for that.
Just PRESS AND HOLD “VOLUME DOWN” button on your device, and the system will automatically display the help screen and start the sound alarm. As seen before, the screen will look like this:

Meantime as you can see you have two options: “I NEED HELP” or “I´M OKAY”.
If you are ok, and it was a false alarm, click on the button “I´M OKAY”.
If you are injured and you need help, click on the button “I NEED HELP” to report and injury. When you clicked on the “I NEED HELP” button the display will change, and there is help on the way, just stay calm. Still there is an option that you won´t press any of the buttons, and after 10 second countdown, the help sequence will be automatically send to the supervisors. The display will look like this:


This were the basics of the Man Down/Fall detector application, that may help you in the future. We hope you will not need to use this emergency system and that you will stay out of any injuries. We wish you good luck and stay safe.

Download Man Down/Fall detector in PDF

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