In Alerts -> Notifications tab is possible to set alerts. These alerts send notification to tViewer app. 

Notifications are connected with checks (see chapter Checks). For create new notification click on Add new line ( + button).

According to type of notification you want to create, select Notification type:

  1. Sensor treshold

  2. NoGo Zones

Figure 1: Create Notification Form

According to type of notification fill the requested fields from:

  • Notification title - name of the notification,

  • Notification message - notificataion text shown at tViewer app,

  • Check name - choose the check to be inspected,

  • Active - checkbox, if notification is active,

  • User list - select the users to be notified,

  • Conditions - set condition, when notification will send:

    • When status - select changes (no other options)

    • From - To - select level from - to:

      • Any

      • Unknown

      • OK

      • Info

      • Warning

      • Critical

Notification Example 

Figure 2: Notification example

In this case notification will showed with text High temperature in Server Room when check Temperature Server Room is true (it means, that Enviro sensor set Critical level). This notification will notify twinzo user's tViewer app (user have to be log in).  Notification will sended when condition is true, it means, status was changed from Any levet to Warning level.

tViewer notification

Figure 3: Notification in notifications bar

After double click on the notification, the tViewer app will be open. 

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