OEE Report provides information about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in two types of charts.

On the top of the screen is control panel which allow to select Devices, Date and Shift. The screen below (with searching results) is divided into 2 part.

Stacked column chart

In the top part is chart contained information about Used capacity (OEE) and Unused capacity (nOEE) of selected devices. According these information you can compare useability monitored devices.

Waiting, charging and resting value is time represent time which device do not have to work. Here is an explanation: Morning shift lasts from 6AM to 2PM. It means that operator works 8 hours = 480 minutes. But operator has some break (breakfast – 10minutes, lunch – 30 minutes and 2 small break last 4 minutes each (e. g. toilet, cigarette). From this describe is clear, that operator don’t work 480 minutes, but 480 – 10 – 30 – 4 – 4 =  432 minutes what is only 90 % of his working time. Branch setup allows to set up OEE Coefficient which takes into account this unproductive time. In our chart it is Targe OEE value. There is also visible average OEE of selected devices is selected period of time.

Time line allows to reduce count of devices in chart.


Pie chart

The Pie chart in the bottom of the page is other OEE output of selected devices. The pie provides sum of all devices and displayed easy to read comparation of Used capacity and Unused capacity

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