Set beacon position

tAnalytics system allows user to change beacons positions. In menu Places and Positions. The screen is divided into two parts. In the left part there is the list of beacons. In the right part there is your layout. (You can flip these two parts of screen from vertical to horizontal by simple click as on the animation below).

On the top (left) side of screen you select beacons which we want to set. Then unlock the lock and start with changing beacons positions on the bottom (right) side of screen. (Click on beacon, move beacon to the correct position and click again.) Save new changes by clicking on save button and lock option to change beacons positions.

WARNING 1: Primary app for installing beacons and beacons maintenance is tBuilder app.

WARNING 2: Differences between real beacon´s position and app beacon´s position can impact RTLS and increase incurrence.