Real Time is  part of the RTLS menu, which helps you to track your selected devices in Real time. This is usefull, when you want to know where the device is located, or what the device is doing (position, movement, etc.). It is very simple to work with the real time panel. At first just click and roll aout the  RTLS menu and than click on the Real time tab. As you will see, a new blank page will open.

As you can see a new blank page will open. On the left corner of the page you can see a two tabs named> Sectors and Devices. First you need to choose aq sector that you want to see on your display, and after that you can select any device that is in that sector/floor. After that you will see the selected device in real time. You can choose one or more devices at the same time. In this gif we choosed all the devices that are located in the sector. As you can see we have 4 devices on this sector, but only 2 are visible, that means the other 2 devices are not active (possible they are turned off).

On the right side of the creen there are 3 icons:
Fullscreen - Opens the real time in a fullscreen mode
Center content - Will adjust the resolution/zoom of the sector that is showed
Layers - You can turn on and off from differet types of Layers (Layout, Barriers, Areas, Positions)