Main Screen
Welcome and thank you for using our RTLS SOLUTIONS app. In this quick step by step manual, we are going to see the main environment and functions of the app. Here you can see the main screen of the application:

On the down left corner, you can see your version of the app. It will change time to time, as the app will be modified and updated.

On the down right corner, you can see device ID (login name), which can later help you modify your devices in the system.

Every icon in the main screen has meaning, and can help you quickly and easily find solution for future problems. On the third screenshot you can see following icons:
1. App status

2. Bluetooth
3. Internet connection
4. Server availability
5. Charging
6. App permissions
7. GPS
8. Local database count (Number of logs in phone memory

App stratus
App status tells you, if everything is functioning in your app. If there are any problems, you will see an exclamation mark in the orange field. When this occurs, you should see some of the icons blinking (bluetooth, internet connection, server ability, etc.), which indicates wehere the problem is. If this happens, go to the section for each icon and see the troubleshooting paragraph.

The second icon in the menu panel is Bluetooth. You need to have Bluetooth switched on to use the application. If there is any problem, the Bluetooth icon starts blinking and an alert sound can be heard.

Troubleshooting: Application should be able to switch on the Bluetooth automatically, but if not, there is a simple solution. At first roll out your navigation panel at the top of the app (swipe your finger from the top of the device to the bottom).

You should see a panel with icons of Wi-fi, Bluetooth, vibrations, rotation, etc. If you click on the Bluetooth icon, you will switch it on (it will be blue), and you can return to the application just by swiping up with your finger (swipe your finger from the bottom of the device to the top).

Internet connection
The third icon in the menu is internet connection icon. It signals if your internet connection is stable and if you are connected to your network. If there is any problem with the connection the icon will start blinking, and the icon of app status will change. There can be seen that the number of logs in phone memory will shortly rise, because application cannot send data to the server.

Troubleshooting: If you lost connection, or do not have wi-fi turned on, you can simply do that in the navigation panel. At first roll out your navigation panel at the top of the app (swipe your finger from the top of the device to the bottom).  You can see the wi-fi icon on the left side of the panel. Just click on the icon and the wi-fi will turn on.

After clicking on the wi-fi icon, it should turn blue. That indicates that the wi-fi is turned on. To be sure that you have internet connection, just swipe down the navigation panel a little more (it will expand) and it will show you the name of the Wi-Fi.

Server availability
The fourth icon in the menu is server availability. This icon shows if you are connected to the server and the data are sent.
Troubleshooting: If the icon is blinking there is no connection to the server, and you need to check if you have internet connection and if you are connected to your network correctly. If you do not know how to do it, read the 3. chapter. If this does not help, just contact your supervisor.

This icon shows if your device is charging, or not. You should have your device plugged in, so the device will not turn off. Check your cable and USB connection, that you are charging the device.

App permissions
If you installed the application right than, you have accepted all the permissions during the installation process.

For full function of the RTLS application you need to have GPS (location) turned on. If the GPS is not turned on, the system won´t be able to localize your device in the area. Application has built-in alert for GPS, that helps you turn on the GPS.

If the icon is still blinking, see the troubleshooting for GPS.
Troubleshooting: If the icon is blinking there is no GPS connection and your device cannot be localized in the working area. Your first step is to turn on the GPS icon in the navigation menu of the device. At first roll out your navigation panel at the top of the app (swipe your finger from the top of the device to the bottom).  There you can see that the GPS (localization) icon cannot be seen so you need to expand the navigation window a little bit more. To do that just swipe again from the top to the bottom of the screen. You should be able to see this:

As you can see, the GPS (localization) icon is turned off. Just click on the icon to turn on the GPS (it should change to blue background) and return to the application.

Local database count
The last icon on the menu is local database count. The number shows, how many logs in phone memory were not sent to the server. The number should be zero, but if there is number below 5 you should not worry. If the number rises quickly there is a problem with sending and you should see troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting: If the number is quickly rising, that means there is sending problem to the server.  You can see that also the App status icon has changed. This mostly indicates, that the internet connection is out, or the server is not responding.You should check your Bluetooth status, internet connection status, server connection status. If any of these icons are blinking, see the troubleshooting for each of them.

If everything is ok, it takes some time to send all the logs to the server. This action will take about 2-5 minutes. Then the local database count should return to number below 5.

Download RTLS app manual in PDF

Simple manual for first RTLS forklift users.

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