After creation of branch there is need to create sectors. Recommended sectors are floors. If there is only 1 floor, you need only 1 sector. In case of more floors, create more sectors. One sector for one floor.

In menu select Places and Sectors. Click on + and fill in form (Figure 1). Sector width and height are dimensions of whole image in meters.

Figure 1: Sector creation form

After saving this operation, system allows you to import layout. If it doesn’t happen automatically, you can change layout after clicking on update layout.

According to the animation bellow (Figure 3) you select image (png, jpg) of your layout. There is possible to do small adjustments in tAnalytics (see Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Toolbar for adjustments of Sectors layouts

WARNING 1: Use as small layout as possible (not small dimensions, but small memory). With this layout you will work all the time, and when layout has more than 1MB, than loading time will be longer with every loading.

WARNING 2: Dimensions of layout have to be dimensions of the entire image, not just dimensions of building or areal. Otherwise, real dimensions will not be the same with twinzo dimensions.

Figure 3: How to create a new sector