Transports tab is a standard calendar where the operator can create time windows for each transport. Time windows is the time interval (from – to) when transport should by delivered. 

Bellow (Figure 1) you can see the main screen. In the left upper corner is the dropdown menu with the different display type (Day, Work Week, but also grouped according to gate, supplier, transport…). The red line represents the present. 

Figure 1: Transport  screen

Creating the time window

Time window you can create by double click on blank position in calendar. Then is necessary fill the form. Form contains these items:

  • Start Date & End Date

    • able to set All Day and Repeat (similar to common calendar)

  • Gate

  • Transport

  • Supplier

  • Forwarder

  • Operation type

  • Forwarder

  • Operation type

  • Country

  • Incoming pallets count

  • Outgoing pallets count

  • Delivery note

  • Description

Figure 2: Create transport form

Figure 3: Transport creation process