User administration is located in Users tab. There are two possible way, how to add new user. Add single user is able by + button, add more users is possible by (Add more users) button.

Add single user

After click on the + button, system shows new window with main Personal Info about new user. Email information is required. You also have to select role. If you select default role (in Settings -> Branch), this role will be filled automatically. There is also an option to send registration mail.

Figure 1: Add user

Add more users

After click on the Add more user button, system shows new windows with 2 fields. 1. field is role. If you select default role (in Settings -> Branch),, this role will be filled automatically. Second field is for email addresses of invited users. Just put the list of email addresses into the box. Invalid email addresses format will by marked for easy recognition.

Figure 2: Add more users

Registration email

When administrator add new user / users, they receive registration email. Following the instruction and finish the registration. 

Figure 3: Registration email

Figure 4: twinzo registration

You also can download our tViewer app (3D app with model) from one of the stores. 

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