Digital Twin for Everyone
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live digital twins


million square meters

12 699

localization devices

10 827

IoT sensors

 Manufacture & logistics

  • Autonomous 24/7 patrolling
  • Instant view of your supply chain
  • KPI/OEE tracking
  • Connect operators and reduce bottlenecks

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 Smart cities

  • 3D buildings, tunnels, airports, ship ports
  • Engineering network governance
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Unlimited access on smartphones and PCs

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 Facility management

  • Smart offices and smart buildings
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Staff and customers navigation
  • Environmental conditions monitoring

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 All data in your pocket

  • API connection
  • Infinite data sources
  • Watch KPIs, IoT, and  sensors
  • Connect to 3D models and scans
  • Notifications to your smartphone

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 Real-time localization

  • Combined localization technologies
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Replay history movement
  • Occurrence heatmaps
  • No-go zone alarm triggering
  • In-depth data analytics

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time savings

Make decisions much faster thanks to real-time data.

3 - 18

months ROI

Direct insights leading to fast return of your invested money.



City, building, factory, airport or your own car. You decide.

3D mobile app

  • Responsive design
  • PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Personal & kiosk mode
  • Real-time navigation

Enhanced experience 

  • Asset movement player
  • Occupancy heatmaps
  • Intuitive quick search
  • Sensor data charts
  • Replay events & conditions

High-performance backend

  • In-depth analytics portal
  • API to connect your systems
  • Cloud & on-premise support
  • Deploy anywhere (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...)
  • Enterprise requirements ready


  • Assets utilization
  • Work activity digitalization
  • Warehouse watchdog
  • IoT devices within reach


  • Real-time notifications
  • Remote operator's communication
  • Health & safety emergency signaling
  • Occupancy monitoring (people, parking, desks, lockers...)

3D models

  • Lidar
  • Photogrammetry
  • Drone scans
  • 3D mesh
  • BIM

Supported external


General API available for any data-source

Siemens Simatic
twinzo proprietary


twinzo proprietary

AI-based camera feed twinzo RTLS

Man down solution
twinzo proprietary

Open source multiplatform middleware 

Available features

Data analysis
Production real-time data visualization
Sensors and production data charts 
Customizable status visualisation
Real-time notification watchdog

Logistics analysis
Spaghetti charts
Path planning

Area occurance
No-go zones

Real-time notifications
Occurance gantt charts
Material flow analytics

Multiplatform support
SaaS, cloud or on-premise deployment
iOS, Android, Windows, Web

Import of own models (various formats)

Future feature list

Warehouse management system integration

ERP systems module

Skill matrix system integration

 Hospital showcase

Ordering system integration

Patient navigation

Staff tracking

Asset tracking

Room booking

Office showcase

Room booking

Visitor navigation

Room booking Visitor navigation

Import of own models (various formats)

Turn by turn navigation

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