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What is twinzo?

An exact 3D Live Digital Twin of your facility. Whether your house, office, factory or even a whole city (perhaps a space station?). It enables you to have your 3D model on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac and gives you access to all your data you desired to see and monitor in real-time.


Scalable and Modular

You can monitor any type of IoT Sensor, database and data stream, process, or workflow, up to real-time visualization of any kind of tracking and monitoring technology. You are always only one click away from the perfect overview you always desired.


time savings

Time is the most valuable of all resources. Did you ever stop and think about, how much time you spent searching for the right information? Using a Digital Twin means having an instant access to real-time data and therefore the possibility to make decisions much faster.

3 - 18

months ROI

Depending on the use-case, you can get a very fast return of your invested money. We don't want to give you a false promise, therefore please get in touch with us in order to find out your possible savings.



There are no limits to your Digital Twins. It can be absolutely anything and the only limit is your own imagination. Try to think about it for a few minutes and be surprised, what your mind can come up with. Whether a space station, or your own car. You decide.

twinzo Features


Native high performance 3D mobile app

Responsive UI with 6 scale levels

Multi-tenant support

Multi-site support

Multi-floor support
Dynamic popups with live data

Advanced app features

Dynamic zoning system supporting live data visualization

Adjustable visualization quality

3 model visualization types - with materials, transparent, white

Search engine for tagged assets

Notification system for your sensors data

High performance backend

Processing high volume of different data-types in real-time

Indoor positioning systems (real-time location services)

Production data

Environmental data 

Any 3rd party systems



Showcase factory

Demo fleet visualization
AGV / AMR visualization
Visualization of indoor / outdoor positioning data
Zone data

Showcase office

Multi-floor support

Workspace occupancy (position of employees)

Visualization of environmental data (temperature, humidity, CO2 level, noise)

Parking and EV charging stations

Various 3D model examples

Lidar scans

Photogrammetry scans

Drone scans

Supported external


General API available for any data-source

Siemens RTLS, Ubisense RTLS (UWB) 

Quuppa RTLS (BLE)

twinzo RTLS (BLE, UWB)

twinzo AI-based camera RTLS

twinzo dead-man solution

Production data visualization

Logistics analysis
spaghetti charts


Alpha version

Import of own models (various formats)

Turn by turn navigation
Logistics analysis

Future feature list

Warehouse management system integration

ERP systems module

Skill matrix system integration

 Hospital showcase

Ordering system integration

Patient navigation

Staff tracking

Asset tracking

Room booking

Office showcase

Room booking Visitor navigation

We are very much interested in your feedback!

Missing anything or you have a genius idea? (Or you found a bug? ...impossible...)

We would be more than grateful if you would share your impressions of twinzo with us.  Looking forward hearing from you!