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A 3D app for real-time view. Detailed web analysis for a deep dive. And if something goes wrong, get notified.

  • Logistics analysis

    • Real-time movement monitoring

    • Spaghetti charts with a player

    • Heatmaps

    • No-go zones

    • Deep-dive analysis on the web

  • Data analysis

    • Deep-dive analysis on the web

    • KPIs / OEEs

    • Sensors and production data charts

    • Customizable status visualisation

    • Real-time notification watchdog

  • Logistics management

    • Material ordering

    • Avoid micro-stoppages

    • Order processing analysis

    • No need for integration

  • Multiplatform support

    • Multi-site support

    • Cloud or on-premise deployment

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Windows

Supported external
data sources

General API available for any data-source

More about REST API


  • Ubisense

  • Unlimited Storage


  • RF - Controls

  • Siements

  • Zebra


  • Quuppa

  • Zebra

  • Twinzo proprietary

Man down solution

  • Quuppa

  • Twinzo proprietary

Open source multiplatform middleware

AI-based camera feed twinzo RTLS

Coming next

  • Warehouse management system integration

  • ERP systems module

  • Skill matrix system integration

  • Turn by turn navigation

  • Correlation and cuasality analytics

  • AI anomaly detection

  • AI correlation detection

Get in control

It's simple. To see all the possibilities, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the "twinzo—digital twin" app.