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Use case

Logistics optimization

Optimize your intra-logistic routes and achieve an average of 20% fleet size reduction.

  • Problem

    Internal logistics are currently operating at maximum capacity, causing delays in deliveries. Despite a sense that there's room for improvement, the lack of data makes it challenging to pinpoint specific inefficiencies, leading to the consideration of purchasing additional forklifts as the only viable solution.

  • Solution

    Swiftly integrate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology using battery-powered beacons and Android tablets. This will seamlessly transmit real-time position data to Twinzo, providing users with immediate access to comprehensive information for quick decision-making. Engineers can leverage our analytical tools and reports to identify discrepancies between shifts, assess the optimization of current routes and layout for performance, and compare actual logistics with predefined routes.

Let us talk about the numbers

  • €75K

    totally invested

  • 2 wk.


  • €960K

    saved during the first

  • 2 mo.

    return of investment

  • 50k m2

    size of the area

  • 45%

    maximization of forklift efficiency

    36 forklifts to 20 forklifts

  • 48 drivers

    difference before
    usage of our app

    108 drivers to 60 drivers

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