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Use case

Logistics management

Uber for your factory. Autonomous logistic operations with ease.

  • Problem

    Logistic operators navigate around the facility, searching for materials to deliver or empty packaging to remove from the line, often doing so randomly or following predefined cycles. This practice frequently leads to idle periods in production throughout the day due to material shortages, resulting in cumulative downtime. Additionally, there is a prevalent issue of uneven driver utilization, with some operators overloaded while others engage in non-productive activities such as browsing social media.

  • Solution

    Employing Android devices equipped with our companion app, dedicated ordering buttons, or direct line connectivity, twinzo can autonomously coordinate work orders among manufacturing stations, material pickers, and forklift drivers. When configured as a comprehensive solution, it establishes a shared pool of available drivers, ensuring a more equitable distribution of tasks. This approach eliminates idle times and promotes a balanced utilization of the fleet across the entire operation.

Let us talk about the numbers

  • €40K

    totally invested

  • 1 wk.


  • €120K

    saved during the first

  • 7 m.

    in production increase

  • 55k m2

    size of the area

  • 20 min

    more production daily

    36 forklifts to 20 forklifts

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