Digital Twin Time-lapse

From past to future with the digital twin.

Have you ever wondered how your city changed through the centuries?
Would you like to see what happened to your factory roof through the years?
Do you have separate models of the same building but no place where to merge them?

If you answered yes at least once, we in twinzo have a solution for you. It is in our 3D live digital twin app available to be downloaded for free on Google Play or AppStore.

We can start with the basics. This is how the historical center of a city in the Czech republic looked around the year 1500. (Small hint regarding the name of the city is at the bottom left).

And this is how it looks in present.

A digital twin is a powerful tool for creating time-lapses and visualizing the evolution of your city, building, or factory.

The digital twin is a digital model of a physical asset, with data on its state and history. It can be used to create time-lapses, showing how your city changed through the centuries. It can also be used to merge models of the same building—such as those used in separate architectural projects—to create an animated representation of how they would look together.

You may be getting the idea. But we wanted to provide you with a full experience. With our good friends in NDN TECH that created these beautiful models from scans and other sources (Not many Reality capturing solutions were available in middle-age :)) So if you are curious how the entire landscape, river, bridge, and buildings changed we got you covered.

Into the 1500s.

And back to the future.

Twinzo's capability to combine photogrammetry, LIDAR, point cloud, or custom models into a single one enhances all of their advantages.

You can also see how your company's roof has evolved over the years—and even how it would look if you hadn't replaced it recently. Or maybe you just want to compare two different models of the same building. Now, with our digital twin time-lapse tool, all of this is possible!

With the digital twin, you can merge different versions of a building to see how it evolved over time. It's also possible to see what happened on the roof of a building during the past years. It's all about merging models and visualizing them in an easy way.

All in all, what we decide to bring back to life depends entirely on our imagination. Maybe you have another great idea in your head. If that is the case, please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide you with the platform that can help you materialize it. We also appreciate any feedback that will help us grow together.

System monitoring
Digital twin integration enhances reactive data collection tools and converts them to proactive elements of your infrastructure.