AOS manual for ordering

AOS (Automatic ordering system)
Thank you for using our AOS system. In this chapter we will discuss the basics of the application usage. Automatic ordering system (shortly AOS), is a part of the twinzo application that helps you with the on-site ordering. How to install the RTLS app and everything about the instalation is in the chapter Step-by-step RTLS instalation. After a successfully instalation of your twinzo app, you will see a home screen of the app. Here we will show you and describe everything about the home screen.

Troubleshooting: At first you need to  go and read our  tAnalytics courses, before you can work with the AOS app. You have to create Work groups, Work roles and Items and everything that is described in the tAnalytics AOS course. Be sure that you understant everything about the AOS sytem. If you have any troubles and you do not know what to do, just contact us on where we will help you.

Everything is clear and you are ready? Than we can start by the description of the home screen.

As you can see there is a slide bar on the left side of the screen. Just click on the Pick work group and the menu will roll out. Here you can see some simple tabs such as:
• Change role
- this tab helps you changing the role of the tablet/button
• End shift - tab is used after your shift is over and a new shift can start
• Exit Application - as the name says you can close and exit the application (you need a password from your supervisor to do that)
• Dark theme - you can choose if you want to have a light or dark theme of the app

The first thing that you have to do is Pick a work group, be aware there can be more than one workgroup so do not forget witch is witch and what connections they have in the Nodes. For this example we have created a simple work group Froklift AOS  and in it we had set a basic ordering system. As you can see we have created a FrontRow line 01 role and the member is Tablet Forklift 04 (one side of the ordering system) that will send an ordering request to the Tablet Froklift 05. For better difference the Tablet Forklift 04 will be in dark mode adthe Tablet Forklift 05 will be in ligh mode. In the tAnalytics it will be seen like this:

Lets see what we are going to do in the app. At first we will click on the work group we want to select (for us it is the Forklift AOS work group). Than we wil choose a Role, that has specific items or packages in it. Now a new screen will show up and as you can see we did not make any orders yet so we have a page with no orders to show.