Area Occurrence provides information in table format about spent time and count of reappearance in areas. Areas are subset of layers (look at the Areas chapter in Places – Areas).

In the top of the screen is well known control panel. We select Devices, Day and Shift, which we want to analyse. Also we can set period of time on the right site of control panel. Maximum range is one week.

Below control panel is table with output. It is ordinary contingency table. 

There is the Show Field Chooser button on the top left corner. Here you can edit your contingency table as you wish. In All Fields you can select which field you want to use. This field you can put in Row / Column / Data / Filter Fields according to what you want to see.

 Figure 1: Area Field Chooser

Usual output is shown below on the Figure 2. Row field are Devices and Sectors (also grouped into Layers). Column fields are Date and Shifts. Data fields contain Occurrence and Duration output. In case some days (shifts) or layers and areas are missing, it means that from this period of time are no available data.

 Figure 2: Area Contingency table

Duration – time spending in the sectors,
Occurrences - how many times device reaapeared in sector.

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