Thank you for choosing our system to optimalize your production and logistic. twinzo system is created to show you everything you need to know about a friendly work enviroment. In this section we will give you some first suggestions, how you should proceed to learn everything about working with our system.

First of all, we recommend you taking the e-learning courses from the bottom to the top to learn everything by order. Start with the roles, shifts and api keys  in the Sesttings course and than go step-by-step upper and upper till you understand and know everything about our system.

If you are lost and need any help, you can contact us on info@twinzo.eu where we will give you solutions for your problems and help you with all the questions you have.

During your study we wish you a good luck and we hope that you will understand everything quickly. 

Sincerely your twinzo team.
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