RTLS - Analytics Introduction

Welcome in the part of tAnalytics where you can find outputs from our modules. In the chapters below, there are described charts and tables which provide reports from RTLS system. Before you start, look at the information about, how to control and read reports. 

Control Panel

The all charts in Analytics have similar control panel (Figure X), which allow to set up requested output. Control panel contains several boxes for selecting parameters which you want to show in the chart. 

Devices – select devices which you want to see in the chart. Maximal count of devices is limited on 20. This box is not included in Device Summary output and not every chart allow select 20 devices.

Day – select which day you want to show.

Shift – select which shift you want to show.

Granularity – select the period of time for data calculation. If you select 1 hour, output will be grouped into one hour unit. If select 5 minutes, data will be grouped into 5 minutes units. Granularity box is allowed only in some charts, because not every chart require set up granularity.

Apply – confirm changes in control panel and wait, while the output will change. The waiting time can be little bit longer, because some charts require a lot of loaded data. 

From / Until – allow to select larger period of time (depends on the chart). The exact range is visible in the calendar after click on the box (you can select only from range enabled of dates).

Right site of control panel (from Devices to Apply) allow to set fast and exact period of time according to days and shift. Left part of control panel (From – Until) allow to set larger period of time.

Time bar

This bar is used only for charts and shows period of time of chart. Flags on the both ends of line allow to change and adjust period of time and magnify required part of the chart. In case you decreased period of time, system allows change period of time by drag and drop.

In case Online and OEE Report, this bar allows to reduce devices in charts.

Button "Reset Zoom" reloads full length of period of time.


 Download table / chart

User is able to download output from every table and chart in excel document or image document (png, jpeg, pdf, svg).

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